The Noisies
They know what noise is:  Beat, Punk and Rock
And beyond:  Hyms and Industrial


Hi guys, hersīs some funny old stuff from the Noisies for free:
2. Homesick
3. Paper Heroes
5. Sugarbabe
6. Springtime Movie
7. Jumbo Jet
8. The Big Ego
This music from 1991 was published by Noiseworks Records on Cassette.

Song 1 (My Generation) and 4 (Summertime) canīt exist in the Internet.

The music wants to exist only on THIS hompage. Publishing on other places is forbidden.

Nemo Extremo the Noisiesī vocalist sings in German language too.

Die derzeit zwei Noisies-Seiten im Internet sammeln keine Daten.